Monday, 20 December 2010

Use Sony Ericsson mobile and blogger blog

Instead, MMS messages sent in the mail mobile blog, Sony Ericsson users post using the built-in Blog This! Function. What difference does this mean? For regular users of mobile devices, mobile alias connects the user mobile blog. For Sony Ericsson users, each phone has a unique identifier of the device, which connects the device mobile blog. Despite this difference, users should still find Sony Ericsson Mobile URL blog and claim when you started to blog a mobile signal. The process of claim to the mobile blog is also the same as regular Blogger Mobile users.
If not I do not know your address or mobile blog that they are not sure if your mail is going through; try the following steps to find your blog and post.
Firstly, if you can find an answer to a message from Blogger containing your mobile blog URL and a claim token. It is possible that you missed the messages arrive, so we search through the message box. You must have a message from the "Blogger", with the theme:

To edit your blog using your computer to go to this page:

Claim token (type password): [your feature]
Blog address:

If you can get such a message, whether it is possible to hunt the URL of your blog. Try to log in to their bookmarks, to see if an entry called "My Blog". It should be noted that mobile blog URL. You can also search the Internet to try to find your blog, search for words or phrases that are used in mobile blog posts.


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