Monday, 20 December 2010

Fast Secure Contact Form Essential wordpress plug-in

Fast and secure contact form for WordPress. This form allows visitors to contact you send a quick email. Blocks all common tactics of spammers. Spam is no longer a problem. Includes a CAPTCHA and Akismet support. In addition, the plug-shaped multi-function, additional field, and the ability to redirect visitors to any URL after sending the message. Super-customizable.
wp plugin Features:
* Super easy configurable options on the Settings page administrator.
* Multi-form element that you can have different forms as you need.
* Optional additional fields of any kind: text, text box, checkbox, radio, select, insert, update, FIELDSET (group).
* Support Attachments.
* You can hide the content and message areas for use as a newsletter subscription.
* Support for sending mail to various departments.
* Optional URL to redirect any message after the launch.
* Additional email message autoresponder.
* Offer valid for coding HTML, XHTML, HTML tight, Section 508 and WAI accessibility.
* JavaScript is required.
* Uses a simple error in line.
* Reloads the form data and warns the user if the user forget to fill in the field.
* Checks the syntax of email addresses.
* CAPTCHA can cancel or user and / or administrators to ban.
* Multi position "to" support service.
* Automatically fill in forms for registered users.
* Customizable name of form fields.
* Custom CSS style.
* Send e-mail with UTF-8 encoding for U.S. and international support.
* I18n support language translation (see FAQ)


* It is very strict security measures, stop spammer tricks.
* Akismet anti-spam support.
* Entry SPAM e-mail address common tactic of spammers ...
spammer banned forcing:, Cc:, BCC:, new lines, and other efforts to inject-mail spam in the world.
* Make sure that available on the contact form to your blog's domain name.
* Filters out the HTML input forms and other nasties.
Message header * indicates the user name on the blog (if you're logged into the system), date time tags /, IP-address and user agent (browser version) user who contacted you.

you see in the image of support:

* An open source free PHP CAPTCHA libraries included (can be disabled in options)
* Abstract colored background, angled, and transparent text
* The arched line of text
* Create audio files in WAV format CAPTCHA
* Refresh button to update the image if you can not read

Requirements / Restrictions:

* It works with WordPress 2.6, WPMU, and BuddyPress
* PHP 4.3.9 or above with GD2 library. PHP5 is recommended.
* PHP register_globals must be set to OFF


1. Add Si-contact-form folder / wp-content/plugins / or download from the menu plugins in WordPress
2. Activate the plugin via the plugins menu in WordPress. See the link to configure settings.
3. You should add a [type-Si-contact form = '1 '] brief on the page number (not the former). This page will your contact form. Here's how: Log in to your blog admin panel. Click on this page, click on the Add button to add the title of your page, type some short [form Si-contact-form = '1 '] on the page, uncheck Allow Comments, click "Publish."
4. Test e-mail from a form.
5. Updates automatically. Click on the "upgrade automatically" if the application from the admin menu. If you never update manually, but to disable, remove, and the steps again to install the new version.



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