Friday, 24 December 2010

How to Apply a Blend Mode in Photoshop CS3

One of the many blend modes (25 in fact!) can be added to any layer in Adobe Photoshop CS3 to create anything from a subtle to dramatic result. In this video I go through all the different blend modes showing you how to apply them and what they look like once you do. Tune into this video tutorial, where you’ll learn how to apply a blend mode in Photoshop CS3.
It’s a fantastic feature to learn how to use, and your image-editing skills will vastly improve when it comes to subtle, smart techniques like this one. Whether you’re learning Photoshop at an online university or you’re an old hand at the program, this is a great tool to use. The sheer variety of blend modes also means that it’ll never look the same twice if you’re using it across a wide range of images.
So take a look at the video tutorial and have a go. With Photoshop, there’s only one way to truly learn its various features and make full use of its capabilities - jump in and start editing. Grab an image you’d like to use the blending technique with, and keep it open as you watch the video. Before long you’ll be a veteran of blending, and one very happy Photoshopper.


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