Monday, 20 December 2010

AddToAny: Share/Bookmark/Email Button wordpress Plugin review and download

The plugin for WordPress to help people share, bookmark, e-mail address on your posts and pages using any service such as Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Digg, Delicious, and well over 100 sites to share and social bookmarking. News: Facebook as a Button, and Button Twitter Tweet.

AddToAny share comes with customizable Smart Menu plugin, which provides the services visitors use at the top of the menu, on the basis of all visitors and report on the use of shipping.

Share button (demo)
Mail tab allows you to easily be shared through Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, and any other mail client or a web-based desktop. The Add to Favorites button (bookmark or tab) helps users bookmark the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc..)
Standalone icons shares optimize your blog and to fulfill specific social situations. Choose from more than 100 individual services.

01. Integration with Google Analytics (Access Guide)
02. Optimized WordPress, localized (English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Italian,
03. Dutch, Danish, Catalan, Farsi, Russian, Albanian, Romanian, in Belarus)
04. Menu & AddToAny AddToAny Smart Kit
05. Share individual links (such as sociable)
06. Includes all services
07. Customizable easy for beginners or advanced users, and very extensible for developers and designers
08. Publisher and many other features users!
After years of development, more than 1 million downloads and ongoing support from the public, makes AddToAny still be the best plugin for WordPress for some. Hopefully it will be perfect for everyone from Version 1.0.

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The plug Subscribe button
The Share button to blog
The standard Share button widget


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