Monday, 20 December 2010

How to easily Upload Video in blogger blog?


If you already have video on your computer, you can upload to your blog as follows:
01. Click on the movie on the toolbar position.
02. In the resulting window, click the Browse button to locate the video on your computer.
03. Enter a title for the video.
04. I accept the conditions (if this is your first video upload).
05. Click the "Download".

Frequently Asked Questions about blogger video uploading

Where are my videos hosted?
Videos uploaded through Blogger, hosted on Google Video.

Are my videos indexed or searchable?
No, this video is kept private and will not be included in the search for Google Video.

How long it takes to load and process a video?
Video downloads may take a little ", as video is usually very large files. However, the exact amount of time needed depends on the size of your specific video and Internet connection speed. Phases of treatment usually lasts about five minutes. Blogger will display a status message below post editor to let you know how it goes, and there will be a placeholder icon in your post to show where the video will be displayed.
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