Monday, 1 March 2010

Rimi Khala Regularly Chuda

Rimi khala holo amar ammur bandhobir choto bon. Rimi khalar age 35. Uni married with 2 Daughter boro mayar age 14 chototir age 12. Onar husband ar age 50. Unar husband Birat Borolok onader dhanmondi tay Bishal Flat asay shekhanai tara thakay. Ami Rony ami BBA pori age 22. Rimi khala amakay khub ador koray. Bivinno rokon khabar toiri koray amar moblie a ring dai tar bashai jou ar jonno ebong nana rokom gift dai. akdin uni amai phone korlo Rony tumi kal 10:30 a aktu esho tomar jonno puding bania Fridge a rakhasi. oi shomoi bashai uni ar kajer beti thakan Uncle office a jan ar cousie ra school a. when I reached her home she was wearing a transparant light colour Maxi her thin Black bra is visible trough this maxi. she give me the puding to eat. after finshing my eating she told me Rony come on my room and enjoy some movie on DVD. Then we enter this bed room and she switch on the A/C & close all the door & windows. Then we lay on the bed & waching hindi movie song. After some time she hugged me ask me rony do u have any girl friend. she was very free with me like friend. her maxi was going up to her knee but she don't care it. she give a kiss and hold my penis & told me that ur penis is more longer than ur uncle. my penis is 7 inch the like a Iron rod. then remove her Maxi & petticot now she is in only black Bra & Panty. She remove my shirt & pant also. I suck her pussy some time the she told plz push ur penis in my pussy. Then I push my ----- into her **** hardly. She was moaning very hardly plasure. After that i used to Chud chudi her regularly


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